The reality is not humanity – anymore.

7 Aug

This is what I had been waiting for.

To get into a delirium. To be affected, moved by something in life, that could lead me to express the disconnect in the 2 words that should otherwise be related. Ironically, they are way apart. The 2 words – Humanity and Reality.

We are humans. Biologically called Homo sapiens. Latin meaning for the word is wise-man. Funny, isn’t it. How wise are we? Wars over lands, corruption, murders, terrorism, rape, forgery, theft, conspiracies, etc, etc, is all what we have achieved. Today you might not be surprised to know that there are 51 subcategories of crime on Wikipedia while Humanity is just one page.

This blog entry is not to bring change. I am sure, if a number of awareness campaigns, movies, social media posts, etc. could not strike the bell, for sure, my blog post is not going to be so extraordinary that it is going to bring about the revolution which is needed. The reason for this write-up is  a series of incidents in my life in the past few years have shown me the reality of how much of humanity is left within me and those around me. Not that there is no positivity around, but there are numerous elements that are horrendous. I know, no one is interested in the bygone – neither I am willing to share it (though soon I might publish a book with all whats been happening in my life) – I thereby would like to touch upon my conclusions.

I see that relations are no more what they were supposed to be like. We are related with every human in the world. Forget about showing humanity to people we do not know, we seldom forget how arguments with those who are most important in our lives, could show disrespect and bring in the bitterness, ego-clashes, etc. etc. in what was supposed to be a perfect relation. With gradual arguments, we tend to set our minds to assumptions and image certain people’s presence to always be inappropriate for our happiness. Which might not be the case. That is what leads to hating to the core of your heart. And this triggers the transformation of our blood to the deadly venom. Comments like “Larke ka khoon garam ho gaya hai!” (This man’s blood is boiling), is what acts as the catalyst.  And then you gradually end up destroying all you had – your life. The same life what your mother, the only one woman who would forget(not necessarily forgive) all your felony gifted you once, by keeping you in her womb for 9 odd months. All that has gone down the drain.

Time to be human. Think.



When you are around v/s when I am alone

13 Apr

Let me start with the inspirations for this post :

1) Preeti Shenoy ; for her book – 32 Bubblegums and Candies
2) Deepti Dheer ; for the idea of this post
3) Ma ; for all the love
4) Pa ; for the inspiration for being a loving and caring
5) Priyanka (wifey) ; for being away while I am writing this.

A few months ago – while I was about to get married – everyone had either of 2 expressions – Wow! or Why?
Wow! off-course everyone who thought I needed someone to take care of and someone to take care of me in life, and it was the right time for me getting married. This lot ; elders in family, senior colleges, kids, my girl friends (@Priya there is a space in “girl” and “friends”.)
Why? My friends I used to hang around with all the time – be it any time – any damn hour when I am not working.

What everyone had in common was – I would change(or have to in the later case)

So I came up with this today : After 3 months of being married – What I do with you around v/s what I do with you not around:

  • – When you are around: I got to be sensible – Without you: I do all the weird things in life, but feel like insane after I think if I really enjoyed it.
  • – When you are around: I CANNOT blog – Without you: I blog, but about you.
  • – When you are around: I couldn’t watch World Cup 2011 (we watched DID) – Without you: India winning the world cup was great , I was in office, not working but watching the `match but I missed you ever single minute!
  • – When you are around: I am expected not to sleep till very late – Without you: I get a lot of time to sleep but no matter how sleepy I am, I can not sleep.
  • – When you are around: I can’t booze(ok, am expected not to) – Without you: I don’t booze.
  • – When you are around: I can’t talk hours on phone with my friends, – Without you: I speak to you on phone.
  • – When you are around: I say I can cook, which I can, but you don’t let me – Without you: I don’t feel like eating.
  • – When you are around: I shout at you, rarely – Without you: I scream at the walls! I miss you like crazy.

I am kinda restricted to do a few thinks, a lot of thinks – sometimes feel like when I used to stay back home, and mum dad restricted me from a lot of activities of mine I am stuck there – but I don’t know why, without you, I don’t feel like doing anything as well!

There is so much that changes post marriage. But – along with that what changes is you. I today feel I am human like what my parents always wanted me to be like. What they couldn’t do, with all your love, you made me do all that. Thanks 🙂 Mums dads love was always there – but what it takes is – marriage.

here is a small dedication to you :

Youtube Suggestion Fail!

13 Apr

Have been reading about facebook fails, iphone Predictive Text fails, and a lot of trying to be famous fails – however this one is a youtube suggestion fail –

check out and let me know how are the two videos related?

Meesha and Rakhi – no way!

Feel free to share more fails here!

“Happily married :)”

12 Apr

Hey guys!


[Ok I agree its within quotes, but that has to be to make it look funny.]

My blog is one place where I can express what I feel, completely.  So I decided to confess how much I love my wife with this beautiful song by Rascal Flatts.

Just before we do that, here is something I would like to say to my wife

It’s been 3 months now we got married, and everyday I have only fallen more and more in love with you.
When I see you around, I feel glad about the choice I made. (And for sure, you are very lucky as well, you know that.)
You have the key to my heart.
You made me learn how to say – “I was wrong. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?” which was much needed.
You mean the world to me.
I simply love you, and simply love the food you cook – specially “Bhindi”. 🙂
I might be stupid at times, I might be kiddish other times, I might be mean, rude, silly, whatever – but at that time, just remember all the good times we have spent together, and I sure if you would weigh them, the good will win over the evil in me.
I love you 🙂 Thanks for being there. Always be there.

Here is a small dedication I have for you : I know u have heard this like 10,000 times now though.

Rascal Flatts : Bless the broken road :


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Facebook’s Data Center is something Users can”Like” (via

10 Apr

I liked this, so re-blogging it!

Facebook's Data Center is something Users can"Like" Source: BusinessInsider Even though Facebook's biggest criticism is privacy, spending tens of million of dollars on your data doesn't seem to bother Mr.Zuckerberg at all. Facebook spent a pretty penny on a new data center for its Facebook users. It is the company's first data center located in Prineville, Oregon. It is 38% more energy-efficient and 24% less to build. Each column has 30 servers in a total 90 per rack. The sophisticated data center … Read More


Amazing Punjabi song : Ranjhe – Geeta Zaildar

10 Apr

Typical Punjabi Landscape in April

Image via Wikipedia

Punjabiyan di shaan vakhri!

No matter which part of India you are from, you are for sure gonna like Punjabi Music. Its played everywhere now! Bollywood too has adapted punjabi music now. Mika – a punjabi music composer and singer has by far become the hottest tradition in bollywood! Starting from maujan he maujha to his latest number in tanu weds manu, mika has skyrocketed the use of punjabi music in bollywood movies.

I happened to come across this amazing number call Ranjhe by Geeta Zaildar.

All of us has heard about brain drain, but this guy comes out with a new concept – Beauty Drain and appeals to every guy in Punjab not to fall in love with any Punjabi girl, as she is gonna one day move abroad. Reminds me of mitran di chatri by Babbu Maan. You might want to check this out!

The lyrics are included and so is the translation in case you don’t get what this guy tried to say!

Happy listening!

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A touchy guest post by Nitika Datta : Thanks a Ton!

9 Apr


Thanks for the response 🙂 I am glad I could find a few people who like my blog!

Alone in the last 2 days, I had as many as 100 hits on my blog.

The icing on the cake : I have a GUEST POST here!

Nitika Datta, a high-school friend,  contributed a sweet post for us:  [Thanks a ton Nitika, that was so sweet! I am sure Priya would love this!]

Here is what she wants to say about us:

Something about love!

What do I know about love? Probably nothing! But I believe the more you give, the more you get in return.  Hmmmmm let me just not start with this – I am not writing about myself. I am writing this for one of my good old school friend – Sameer and his beautiful wife – Priyanka.

Surprisingly I haven’t met Sameer in 15 years…yeah that’s a long time! More surprisingly, I haven’t met his wife at all. But from the Facebook’e eyes they both seem to be so much in ‘Love’! One thing I know for sure that my friend Sameer is an extremist – when he loves, he loves from the core of his heart, and when he hates, hmmm….not sure, I think he is forgiving sometimes. But that’s not the point.  Sameer is so transparent at heart and Priyanka seems to be so accepting. It is surprising how two strangers met and completed each others lives with unconditional love. And having said that, I don’t need to say that the chemistry between this newlywed couple is just so PERFECT.

My best wishes for a life-long happy married life for PriySam.

Thanks a lot Nitika. This is amazing 🙂

If you wan’t to be generous and want to write a guest post on not so famous blog (yes this one), you can let me know. Leave me a message on FB, or a comment on this post, and I would feel honored.

If you like the way Nitika writes – Post replies, so that we can inspire her to start her own blog!