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A touchy guest post by Nitika Datta : Thanks a Ton!

9 Apr


Thanks for the response 🙂 I am glad I could find a few people who like my blog!

Alone in the last 2 days, I had as many as 100 hits on my blog.

The icing on the cake : I have a GUEST POST here!

Nitika Datta, a high-school friend,  contributed a sweet post for us:  [Thanks a ton Nitika, that was so sweet! I am sure Priya would love this!]

Here is what she wants to say about us:

Something about love!

What do I know about love? Probably nothing! But I believe the more you give, the more you get in return.  Hmmmmm let me just not start with this – I am not writing about myself. I am writing this for one of my good old school friend – Sameer and his beautiful wife – Priyanka.

Surprisingly I haven’t met Sameer in 15 years…yeah that’s a long time! More surprisingly, I haven’t met his wife at all. But from the Facebook’e eyes they both seem to be so much in ‘Love’! One thing I know for sure that my friend Sameer is an extremist – when he loves, he loves from the core of his heart, and when he hates, hmmm….not sure, I think he is forgiving sometimes. But that’s not the point.  Sameer is so transparent at heart and Priyanka seems to be so accepting. It is surprising how two strangers met and completed each others lives with unconditional love. And having said that, I don’t need to say that the chemistry between this newlywed couple is just so PERFECT.

My best wishes for a life-long happy married life for PriySam.

Thanks a lot Nitika. This is amazing 🙂

If you wan’t to be generous and want to write a guest post on not so famous blog (yes this one), you can let me know. Leave me a message on FB, or a comment on this post, and I would feel honored.

If you like the way Nitika writes – Post replies, so that we can inspire her to start her own blog!



percolation theory

16 Mar


sameer relan
Percolation theory of thoughts

Yet another blog! Gosh, no not mine, but for you guys to read.

The first post is always always tricky.  I was wondering what this should be. About my blog, about me or what. Then I thought, lets make it different. I would start writing without anything in my mind, and oh ho… right now I thought lemme share the percolation theory that made me name a blog on it.  Let me tell you how I relate to this name, and hence somewhere get back to the basis : why this blog – duh-huh.

In computers,  PeRColate is an open source set of extensions to Max/MSP. It is widely used as an extension to the Max API. A series of audio plugins are based on the objects are distributed by the authors. Fuck it. I pick up one word from here. AUDIO and hence MUSIC. I love Music, and would discuss my kind of music and discuss it, may be over and over again. But who cares. As if, anyone would remember what they read – if they read it. My current favorites, Coke Studio, Spose, and many more. Check posts in the next few days about them.

In mathematicspercolation theory describes the behavior of connected clusters in a random graph. 2 relations from here – Mathematics, all I use it for now a days is to calculate my budgets. I was good in it till my Xth standard, and after that it was too good for me. Scoring 97/100 in CBSE, and then flunked in XI. Bitch.
The next relation is with the behavior of connected clusters.  I am kind of versatile.  Make friends easily. So have a lot of them, from all the corners of the world. They all are somehow connected not through me. Varied thoughts, varied ages, varied likes and dislikes – some strong, some not so strong, varied professions. This is all about them. Friends are valuable is one of the not so many thoughts that I agree on with preachers. Not that I follow many motivational speakers and all this crap, just that you get to listen sometimes when someone is throwing gyaan on you. Again – fuck it. I am connecting all of them here. All their thoughts, all their aspects, all their love and all their crap.

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